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Your input is greatly appreciated.  Please be sure to come in an enjoy the therapeutic results of our amazing CERAGEM massage table.  A class II medical device that provides so many beneficial physical results.

The Creagem Massage Table

Ceragem is a treatment method that combines infrared heat and massage techniques during the treatment of various conditions. The Ceragem automatic thermal massage bed scans your spine’s length to help a chiropractor conduct customized massage therapy.

How Is Ceragem Performed

When getting Ceragem thermal therapy, you will lay on an automatic thermal massage bed. You will then get massaged by rollers from the skull base to the bottom part of the spine. The procedure takes about 40 minutes.

Benefits of Ceragem

Increases Body Metabolism

Ceragem massage therapy increases body metabolism, which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells. This happens when the cells absorb infra-red heat.

Helps to Alleviate Pain

The main reason for getting Ceragem thermal therapy is to relieve different pain types such as knee pain, neck pain, and back pain. Ceragem can be done on individuals of any age, be it children or adults. It is a great alternative for people who have been suffering from long-term pain.

Does Not Have Adverse Side Effects

Ceragem chiropractic in NYC does not cause adverse side effects when performed on individuals, unlike other treatment forms like surgery or taking prescription drugs.

Enhances the Well-Being of a Person

Apart from treating clinical conditions, it also helps the body relax. Physical relaxation leads to better emotional well-being by calming the mind.

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