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End Your Back Pain 

Our back program is clinically proven and patient endorsed. We provide a non-surgical, non-pharma solution that works.


We can quickly get you out of pain, our treatment program helps you stay that way.

A Life Time Solution

Our program is designed to help you gain a lifetime free of back pain.  Our goal is to free you of pain and teach you how to stay that way.


Stop dreading the pain and missing out on life. Get back to doing the things you love.

Advanced Technology

World class technology including NASA designed equipment, combined with NuBack Institutes therapy protocols help you achieve lasting results.​


In only a few sessions you can go back to your normal pain-free life again.

SureStep 360 Program
Navigate life's twists and turns with unshakable confidence. Our integrative fall-prevention system is revolutionizing stability and mobility for those at risk.
Your journey to a fall-free life starts here

View of the open gym spece at Back Pain Solution Clinic

> Set an appointment & end your back pain

Take care of your back, and it will take care of you.

Health Plans and Care Options Available

We accept many insurance programs including being a CCN provider for the VA/TriWest. We can also provide a super bill to submit to your insurance.  We also offer the Care Credit program.

Number 1 Back Pain Clinic in the Greater CDA Area

A world class back pain treatment center located to serve CDA, Post Falls, Hayden, Sandpoint and Spokane Valley. Unequaled statewide in non-surgical, clinically proven, solutions.

Getting you out of pain & keeping you that way

Using a wide array of technologies and modalities our first step is getting you out of pain and mobile again.  Then together we work at creating solutions to keep you that way for a lifetime. 

> Are you ready to get BACK to normal?

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No Surgery. No Drugs. Just Results!

30-50% of Back Surgeries Fail

Fortunately, you don't need to risk surgery in order to have a healthy strong back again. Disc Stabilization™ is safe, proven, and 100% natural.

No Drugs or Needles - Ever

There's no need for strong pain killers and muscle relaxants. Through cycles of compression and traction your spine is replenishing missing fluids naturally.

Treat Your Pain at the Source

The discs in your spine are being rehydrated. Healthy, hydrated discs are very flexible and less likely to become herniated. This lets you strengthen your lower back!

All Major Insurances Accepted

We accept all major insurances! We also offer 0% financing for qualified patients without insurance.

We are proud to accept CareCredit for easy Medical Credit needs.

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So grateful for a solution instead of a just  a bunch of treatments.  Thank you for getting me back to work.

Dan W. Contractor

I was shocked at how quickly they reduced my pain and then got me back to what I want to do again.

John S. Vet USMC

My VA doctor told me  surgery was my only answer.  So glad the doctors were proven wrong by these great people!

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