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Questions & Answers

A few typical questions about us.

Who are you?


The Back Pain Solution Clinic provides long term solutions for back pain. Non-pharma & non-surgical treatments that provide quick pain reduction and long term solutions. Utilizing world class leading spine and back therapy incorporating technologies developed by NASA, and using NuBack Institutes proven treatment protocols, you can reduce your pain substantially on the first visit quickly, gaining a life long solution. Our program is effective, proven and long term.​

What do you treat?

We specialize in back issues. These include treatment of the neck, shoulders, upper, mid, and lower back, spine and lumbar, hips, knees, ankles and feet including strike and gate. All of these areas contribute to back pain and are addressed in our solutions.

How is your program different? 

Thank you, great question. Perfectly phrased. Our back pain solution is a "program".  It’s not a forever relationship bringing you back open-ended.  Our program has a beginning, middle and an end.  It’s not a prolonged “let’s see how it goes” thing.  It’s a clinically proven program that creates real and lasting solutions.


How does it work? 

Simple answer?  Really well.  We have a 95% success rate in repairing herniated discs without pharmaceuticals or surgery.  We have an excellent track record for repairing what’s causing the reoccurring issue, not just treating the pain itself.


What makes you different from other physical therapy centers or a chiropractor?

What sets us apart is that we are all those things in one place and so much more. We provide cutting-edge therapy incorporating technologies by NASA & The NuBack Institute. We have dry aqua therapy, decompression, anti-gravity, whole body vibration, along with the tools for rehabbing the discs and applying corrective exercise by certified staff and physical therapists.  In addition, we incorporate massage therapy, low inferred, acupressure, circulatory stimulation and so much more.  All under one roof in one location, all used to create custom treatment programs within our set protocol to create lasting solutions.


Are you covered by insurance? 

We accept a wide range of insurance programs and that’s growing every day.  We also work out of network providing you the ability to get reimbursed, or to use the cost toward your annual deductible.  We also have a discounted cash program as well as offering Care Credit.


How long will this take? 

Every patient and every injury is unique.  But we do see immediate results in pain reduction, and most patients experience permanent solutions within 12 to 24 visits.  Our goal is to provide you a long-term solution so the only time we see you in the future is at our Christmas party.


Is this expensive? 

Not when compared to a lifetime of pain, medications and trips back and forth to the various practitioners scattered all over town, who most patients see forever.  As we said above, our clinic accepts most insurance programs.  So ultimately it’s far less time and out of pocket cost, and is a much shorter overall therapy to gain a more permanent solution.

How quickly can I get started?

Call us today and we can have you in for an evaluation within 72 hours.  Treatment can start immediately after.    Aren't you ready to go back to doing things pain free? If you are why not give us a call? After all, we are the Back Pain Solution Clinic.

Other Questions We Can Answer?

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