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About Us

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About our Back Pain Clinic

Our Back Pain Solution Clinic provides long term solutions for back pain. Non-pharma & non-surgical treatments provide quick pain reduction and long term solutions.


Utilizing world class leading spine and back therapy incorporating technologies developed by NASA, and using NuBack Institutes proven treatment protocols, you can end your pain, substantially on the first visit, quickly gaining a life long solution.  Call and set up an evaluation and learn more about living a pain free life.

Providing you with long term back pain solutions 

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Anti Gravity Therapy

Developed by NASA this technology provides all of the benefits of Aqua Therapy in a dry environment plus digital gate and strike analysis.

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Off Weighting Technology

By creating a traction experience in a mobile situation we can recreate the original spinal spacing to allow your back to regenerate and heal properly.

Ceragem Thermal Care

Offering advance Touchless Massage Therapy that incorporates acupressure, deep tissue massage with low Inferred to promote healing.

NuBack Institutes Ground Breaking Back Therapy

This highly successful therapy program uses digital controlled vibration and pneumatic pulse traction to open and close vertebrae spacing and retrain muscle memory to create astounding non-surgical, non-pharma lasting results.

Postural Reset Care

Unlike other treatments where your muscle memory causes you to "walk out" of your adjustment, our specialized treatment program works in harmony with our other modalities to create a long term adjustment solution.

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Real Life Environmental Therapy

Our Physical Therapist's use advanced techniques that incorporate the ability to treat patients in actual form to promote a much quicker and lasting 

solution for mobility issues.

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